About FocalDreams

I am an early retiree RVing with my husband through the U.S. and Canada then onto France to set up permanent residency.

I have worked as a photographer as a side-gig and have been published in National Geographic and Black & White Magazine.

I have officially hung up my professional photographer designation, preferring the opportunity to “drift” and contemplate the world around me without the burden of “human constructs.”

I consider myself a Flaneuse: Those women who until the last century could not explore the city streets without an escort.  While I have my husband as a side kick, I am prone to wandering around on my own mostly due to my photographic inclinations.  It affords me time to get a feel of a place.  While most photography can be viewed as representational vs high art, it has deep meaning to the taker – to recall a special time and place. And if you’re lucky, capturing those incredible decisive moments. 

As a second-generation cult survivor, I am also an educator advancing the narrative regarding the physical and mental abuse of children; trafficking is all too common within cults, and I endeavor to educate the general public on the repercussions.  My memoir, The Thunderstorms of Eden, available on Amazon.com and other outlets, addresses my odyssey with the Church of Scientology and my cohort “The Children of Scientology” who have managed to somehow survive the clutches of this bizarre organization having been stripped of identity and familial connection while living in squaller. It also weaves in the immigrant and refugee experience which is the closest comparison I have to my experience.

For those more interested in the topic can stream the Emmy-winning series Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath on Netflix. 

My memoir also chronicles my world travel which was essentially my life saver.  My Flickr Gallery, Something Lost Behind the Ranges Collection is a visual testimony to those seminal adventures during my tumultuous journey to recovery. 

Come join me as I journal, blog and photograph my way through North America with my husband and our rig, BigB – a Leisure Travel Van that will be our home for the next several months.  #survivor #selfmade #thewisdomofthedrift


Second-Generation Cult Survivor



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