Mar 12-14 Needles Outlook, Canyonlands

We headed for the high altitude Canyonlands Rim Recreation area, home of the Needles Outlook and Windwhistle Campground.  We explored the Outlook with it’s sheer precipes akin to the Grand Canyon, though the lighting was a bit harsh and the landscape was less defined as a result.  We decided viewing would be better in the morning.  

We went off the grid for a few days with barely any signal and definitely no Wi-Fi.  We are so attached to our devices that we wondered how we coped back in the day when we camped and had no signal.  That’s where having a good book, editing photos and journaling really come into play. 

On the way back from the outlook we saw a volleyball on the side of the road, that like Dave, must have done a runner.  Realize that there is no trash on the sides of the roads here – it’s completely pristine so it really stood out.  We picked it up and it turned out to be a Wilson!  So Wilson became part of the family to keep Grogu company. I’m sure the family misses Wilson but he has found a good home so we are sending out positive vibes.

Welcome Wilson!!

We went to the campground with it’s smooth rounded sandstone backdrop and found a level site.  There are no sharp edges here as if the wind decided it wanted to define a different pallet from other areas of the Southwest.  The shaded areas were still protecting the snow that was slowly melting as the pressure system that had been plaguing us finally decided to move on. There were only two other campers around out of the fifteen sites and even they eventually siphoned off leaving Bob and I alone in this little slice of Paradise. The quiet is what I craved after all the stresses of noise pollution, and I sat and contemplated this level of emptiness thinking my surroundings had done fine without me for thousands of years.  There were occasional birds and the tracks of deer but otherwise you could meditate virtually undisturbed for quite a while.  

The emptiness is helping me reboot and I’m re-wiring myself to slow down.  The physical problems (knots) with the shoulders and my arm are finally subsiding.  I’m starting to lose track of the days which is both a curse and blessing.

The weather remained clear though there was the occasional gusts of wind.  When the wind died down and the sun came out it was warm and pleasant. 

The morning jaunt along the Needles Outlook turned out to be the best bet.  Though it was thirty degrees out with the wind making it even chillier, it soon heated up.  As we we are a contained unit we sat in solitary bliss and had our coffee and breakfast against the magnificent backdrop of the Canyonlands without another soul around. We switched on the local radio station which was playing Native American music.  Otherwise all you could hear was the wind and the indian chants drifting faintly from the RV.

For a moment I felt like the “Lady in the Wind.”  There was no rush, just nature and all the beauty that erupted from the vast Canyonlands of Utah for those who wish to partake.  

The Needles – Canyonland

Later that day we hiked the nature trail around the campground and learned about the fauna and flora; the twisted juniper and their edible berries, the sage and other plants used for medicinal purposes by the Navajo.  

BLM has done an incredible job of installing and maintaining this area considering how little it appears to be used. 

Otherwise we relaxed, enjoying the view until the wind kicked up.  Bob dug out the barbecue and we had “Willamette Valley” chicken breasts wrapped in bacon (from the local market no less) with wild rice and steamed carrots topped off with a nice Warr King Rose’ from by brother and frozen Mochi for desert. This was the first major meal we cooked in the RV while being on the road.  Glamping at it’s best!  

It was Sunday and four other campers showed up which we found interesting as the weekend was winding down.  They settled in, one was strumming on the guitar that drifted through the canyon along with the smell of campfires.  

We saw a weather system coming in and heard rain on our roof later that night but woke up to the sun and warm coming over the indelible sandstone features of the Moab area.  

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