Mar 25 White Sands National Park

We revelled in the warm weather – the temperature was destined to reach the low seventies and we were able to spill out of the rig and get some much needed house cleaning done.  Then off to the International Space Hall of Fame.

Grogu was certainly in his element and the space museum is a must-see when coming to Alamogordo – which, by the way, is a clean and well-structured city, probably due to all the military and government space-related activities there.  We spent more time than anticipated enthralled by the displays and history.  

Once inside the White Sands National Park, BigB felt more like a lunar module as we transitioned from pavement to hard-packed sand surrounded by voluminous white dunes on each side.  The dunes are made from gypsum, blinding in the sun, shifting with the light and the wind.  We parked at the Backcountry Trail as that is where you find the massive display of undulating fields, much of it devoid of vegetation.  The gypsum has a better grip than sand, and is less tiring to hike on. A slight breeze would catch us, a cooling contrast against the blinding landscape.  

Save for wandering footprints I have not experienced a more pristine environment, we had happened upon the perfect day to explore; any hotter and it would have detracted from the experience. 

The afternoon sun tilted, throwing shadows that crept along the basins, softening the harsh blows of light; it felt more like an awakening as the sensuality of the dunes came into full display – like deep sighs of relief after being long choked by the sun. 

We ended the day with what Bob describes as a tipple as we watched the shifting display of shadows. 

Surprisingly, it felt like the humidity began to rise along with the scent of sage as the sun set, bathing the inhabitants of the white sands in gold and pink.  

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